About Us

Our Mission at Bid Now is to help you find the right home, make sure you don't lose a home outside your control, only pay what you are comfortable with, and do everything possible to help you buy a house without any undisclosed problems.
Here is how we do that:

  • You are in control of what you want to bid and since you know what price the others are bidding you can rest assured you are in control of the pricing decision. 
  • All the homes have been pre-inspected by a licensed Wisconsin Home Inspector and that report is available before the homes go on the market so you don't have to worry about buying a home with an undisclosed problem.
  • There are no private showings because our VIP Open Houses are designed to accommodate a fair viewing of the property. No worries about trying to rush to a showing or having another buyer book a showing or submit an offer before you.
  • Rest assured the sellers have agreed that an offer will not be accepted before the VIP Open House or before the end of the Bidding process. 
  • Some homes will allow buyers to bid contingent on financing, inspections, and even home sale contingencies so check each home's bidding package before bidding to learn more.

From the 2008 housing recession to the COVID buying frenzy, we have been committed to a more transparent and clear process of real estate transactions. We take the real estate buying and selling process very seriously and are committed to helping you have the best purchase experience possible. 
      -Ryan Fulcer
Bid Now Real Estate Team